Thursday, 28 April 2011

First Impression of Smartipants Reusable Diaper

First Impression

A reusable diaper from Smartipants

 When I first receieved my package it has this sticker on and I was like huh :s Once open I found it was my parcel from Smartipants of one of there one sizes fit all reusable diapers.

On first thought.. it was Okay I have a blue one is this a sign I am having a boy? As I am not finding out the sex, receiving things like this get me all excited and questionable lol

Along with the Nappy there was a smart sleeve insert Which you slide into the Pocket of the diaper. These are made from a Polyester-Nylon blend that is both super-soft and ultra-absorbent. 

 Once you have inserted the Sleeve into the nappy its then time to adjust the size, length and width ways for your baby, This is done by the press studs on the front of the Nappy.

The press studs are there so that you can adjust the Diaper correctly to fit your child. I also got a nappy wash and care guide.. which I will be guarding until baby is here :) I really hope I get on with using disposable nappies, For babys point of view aswell as my pockets :)

That all seems pretty straight forward right, it's the actual using them that's the eeek bit, baby will be here in October.. I think I am also going to purchase some disposable liners for the Reusable nappies, for hygiene and Review purposes.

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  1. As you possibly know I use washables on Tala - can't recommend enough - happy to give any advice x


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