Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have started to try and cook a lot more food for my boys from scratch not only because it is healthier for them but because it is healthier for me and baby too.

Having my small herb garden has been very helpful because I can go and get fresh herbs from my garden

Here are my makes so far not including my home made bolognaise sauce as I didn't get a photo :(

Home made Lentil soup.

 Little mans and Mummys Home made Lentil soup :)

Home made Salmon Cakes
 Salmon cake close up!

Added extra my mum reminded me I did :D

Honey glazed ham, homemade roast potatoes, onions and veg nom nom!!

Any new recipes welcomed :)


  1. Taking a leaf from Mummy's book LOL Looks good. Sunday Roast at ours at the weekend. You cant beat my steam pud LOL

  2. You reminded me I need to add my photo of my Sunday lunch in :) done XX

  3. Mmm looking at those photo's has made me hungry, very nice! :)

  4. I shall be coming to your house for tea! LOL!


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