Monday, 18 April 2011

Midwife tomorrow!!!!

So I am now 15+1 weeks pregnant.

  1. I am still craving Lucozade
  2. I am still craving Kinder buenos
  3. I am still eating cookies for breakfast

I feel like I still don't have a bump but am just quickly gaining weight to my legs, bum and back.

I am still getting the Icky feeling from time to time, I am still very tired although energy is meant to return after 12 weeks..



we have the Midwife tomorrow yay!! so excited we should be able able to hear our baby 2s heartbeat for the first time :)

The main and most important point for me is the 'WE' my partner is coming to, as he wasn't involved much in our first pregnancy it means ALOT to me that I have him supporting me with our second. He is an AMAZING daddy to K and the fact that we planned this pregnancy together makes it all much more exciting and less scary :)


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