Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Midwife

So we went to the midwife and heard baby's heartbeat!! This one is a naughty one she struggled to find the heartbeat and when she did baby wriggled so he had to try and find it all over again :)

I had forgot how quick they sound but it was so lovely hearing the heartbeat. I was intending to record it but on the spur of it all I just decided to enjoy the moment with my partner.

She told me all seems well and has gave me 5 blood tests to go and get done which I will go and get tomorrow, She also informed me that once again I have to go and get a Glucose tolerance test because my mum is a diabetic. That is going to be fun not trying to eat, especially as I am an absolute FOOD MONSTER at the moment.

She seems to think I am 15+5 weeks pregnant so maybe I am out by a few days?? we shall see. On another note my 3 year old son was at my mums while we went to our appointment, when we went to go and pick him up she informs us that he had been slightly naughty with his attitude and answering back he has also been doing this to us.

We use the naughty step do any of you have any other helpful tips on how to combat this behaviour??


  1. Anonymous20/4/11 04:51

    He was not too bad when he realised I was not having any of it. LOL Had the attitude walking to the house after meeting from Mum/Dad. When we got in the house he sat on the 'naughty step' and I said ' Right we sart again, "Good Morning and how are you? Nanny loves you" to which he replied "I am sorry nanny, not really angry at you?" Bless Then he went and watched sponge bob squarepants and threaded buttons onto string XX

  2. Glad to hear all is well with little bean :) O I dread when my daughter get's a little older and the tantrums start :( x


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