Saturday, 9 April 2011

A new member of the Family.

After giving my dog away :( for unselfish reasons (she has only gone to my mother in laws) my son has been very upset and although he can go and seen her anytime he wants he has been in a state about wanting her back.

Today I couldn't cope anymore with this as I too miss her but I know it was definately for the best. So when he cried again about it I decided enough was enough...

My mum had been having talks with him lately about the easter bunny coming and I had got a hutch from off freecycle. So today me and his daddy went out and got him..............

Poppy curtosy of Nanny Angie and Grandad Gordon!

This seemed to have calmed him down loads, he is very excited about having her he told me he loves poppy and he doesn't want the doggy back. Fingers crossed he really means this as him getting upset is breaking my heart.

We love poppy when he went to bed I had her out for a quick cuddle she is Adorable :) she wasn't the one I intentionally picked but as the lady in the pet shop went to get my choice Poppy jumped at her, she chose us! and she's perfect I hope she makes my little man happy :) Xx

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