Friday, 1 April 2011

Review Palmers Stretchmark Sample Pack

I won a Competition from PalmersUK on Facebook and here are the Photos of the Sample Pack I won.

Palmers, Stretchmark, Baby

And 2 Sample sachets, The Baby Butter I shall be saving for when my baby is born :D

The 2 Stretch mark lotions and cream coming from the top Right have a lovely smooth texture, they stop the itch of your stomach stretching when massaged in. I found the Cocoa smell very relaxing.. and gorgeous smelling.

The Tummy butter soaks in very well when put in the palm of your hand it instantly melts with the warmth, it doesn't have the lovely nice strong cocoa smell the others have but it makes your skin feel Lovely

I have found my experience with cheaper body butters, lotions and creams just seem to just sit on my skin for a while and make sticky where as Palmers products were a delight to use, Lovely smelling soaks in well.

The cocoa butter for dry skin with vitamin was nabbed by my boyfriend as he gets sore legs, which he actually found to work. For taking the dryness soreness away.

I found using the oil when I woke up in the morning stopped the dry feeling I have been getting on my skin in the morning as my stomach begins to grow.

Although this is  'stretchmark' Pack I would say these products would be acceptable for Anyone to use, I used the Dry skin one on my son he is 3 and he LOVED the smell of it :)

If I was to recommend what I thought was the best of these products to a pregnant friend I would recommend the Tummy Butter as I just felt for me, this would be the one to work the best.

12+5 weeks Pregnancy bump

So far so good I think, I am now 12+5weeks pregnant but my bump is quite big (I think) because I am only in the early stages of pregnancy I cannot actually comment on how these products work on Stretchmarks but they do relieve the itchy feeling of stretching and I have no stretchmarks as of yet. As my samples are coming to an end I think I will have to go to the shop and buy some more products to try... So I will Update throughout my pregnancy on how I am doing with stretchmarks cross your fingers for me xx


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