Friday, 6 May 2011

Review of Monkey Dunk Board Game

Received from Mummys News

Monkey Dunk from Elefun and friends is The monkey flipping game with the elefun surprise.

The Aim of the game is to Flip your monkey in the water to collect the most bananas, but to watch where they land as Elefun pops up and sends some monkeys flying out.

This is what you receive in the box 

Elefun popper, 16 monkeys, Gameboard with backdrop and tray, 20 banana tokens, Lily pad blocker and Instructions.

How to Play

Each Player gets 4 Monkeys

Every player takes there attempt at flipping their monkey into the water.

To flip the monkey you use the tail bit on the monkey and push down with your finger,

With the hope of flipping the monkey into the Water

If you are successful in getting your Monkey into the water

and if Elefun pops and your monkey is still in the water, Imagine me saying this very excitedly like my 3 year son 'you've won a Narnaaaa' 

Here is my wee man after winning his first banana he was highly impressed.

This is the Lily pad blocker, the option if you are after a harder game.
My Thoughts on the Game 

The Game is aged from 4 years I completely agree with this as my little man is 3 years old and although he enjoyed playing the game, Flipping the monkey was quite hard for him, although with abit of persistance he was successful and it was so worth it for his little smiley face :)

I would recommend this game to other parents, I have also realised that I need to invest in some more board games as I really enjoyed playing with my partner and our little man. This was our first board game together and it was lovely.  It didn't drag on either like some games do.. When Elefun pops up the game has ended for that round.

Another option for the game was putting the lily pad blocker into one of the holes.. when K got bored of playing himself he had fun in watching mummy and daddy play... we are FAR too competitive lol.. and daddy won!! But was great fun.

I asked my 3 year old his opinion on playing the game and he said 'he enjoyed building it with me and he loves it'... and believe me if he doesn't like something he will say I dont like it put it in the bin. 

So 2 Thumbs up for him and us


  1. Anonymous6/5/11 13:14

    Loving the picture blog and sounds like you had just as much fun as Kylan! lol Will email this over to the PR company they will be really pleased, thanks for doing a great job and keep up the fantastic blog hun xxx

  2. Thank you :D Really enjoyed our family time, definately going to invest in more board games Xx

  3. And it was really funny Kylan trying to explain the game over the telephone. The only bit I really got was " and I won a naaaaaaana nanny" LOL


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