Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Review of Purple Daisies The Bed Bumper

This was received from Purple daisies

What are the main benefits of The Bed Bumper?

  • No screws, clamps, poles or hard edges unlike other bed guards
  • The non slip texture of the guard keeps it in place all night long
  • Available in 3 sizes – 50cm, 100cm and 150cm
  • Being pale yellow it sits discreetly under all bed linen with no show-through
  • At story time the bed guard can be sat on by an adult
  • No ‘baby-ish’ high sides on the bed meaning your little one really does feel ‘big’ now
  • Totally portable and can easily be bent into a bag or suitcase to take on holiday
  • Stop duvets, dummies, teddies and all other bedtime ‘friends’ from falling on the floor
  • The Bed Bumper is 100% British. It comes to you from a British company and has been manufactured, cut, packaged and posted to you by hard-working British people

So here is me setting it up in my sons room, I placed it on the side of his bed over this plastic sheet

I then used a double fitted sheet, instead of his normal single sheet so that I could cover the bed bumper, Purple daisies do offer an Extra deep fitted sheet for £11.99

This is what the bumper looks like from the side, I was very impressed for such a simple design I think it is a fab idea and I have already been recommending these to my friends with children. 

This is my son sleeping (n'arrrwwwwhhh) on his first opinion of the bed bumper was it was like a den, I am guessing that's because he felt alot safer. Since having this I haven't had any incidents and my son has a cabin bed so he is a bit higher off the floor than normal toddler beds.

The one issue I had with it was sometimes in the morning it had slipped off slightly, I realised that was my fault though because I hadn't took the sheet underneath tight enough.

You can also get Purple daisies on twitter purpledaisiesco

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