Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Review of Swiggie the 21st century drinking bottle.

This is the Swiggie from Swiggies uk

As you can see by the Packaging it is a bottle that will go on your wrist, at first I though it was a great concept for kids and runners, but how would a pregnant mummy like me use them too.

 This is the Adult swiggie.. I asked for this colour.. and had a terrible LOL story when I took my son to the shops in it, seen below and one of the workers in the shop I was in thought it was something that my son had on because he was poorly (woops). Once I had explained the product she thought it was fab, but because of this, that is why we then chose to use the smaller yellow ones. 

Here's my wee man walking with the Swiggie on, he absolutely loves them, I have to say I think that this is a Fantastic product for a parent as my son has been to the park, Played in the garden, Took him to town and I know he always has a drink to hand, it is so much easier than carrying a bottle around and having the issue of them then not wanting to give it back lol

Here's my Little man drinking from his Swiggie.

Swiggie for Daddy.

The photos of my partner make me lol he is so cute, he hates having his photo taken hence the look on his face, as you can see while doing the gym he had his swiggie on. 

This one was not meant for review purposes, this one was because he was nosey to what he looked like after doing the weights.. but because as I noticed he had his swiggie on I thought I would include it ;)

Swiggie for Mummy

 And here is how I think Swiggies are great for a mummy, while pushing a pram it is such a pain trying to walk and drink from a can... admit it we have all done it!! So knowing I had a drink to sip while on my journey is a nice feeling especially being pregnant and it being hot weather I feel the heat more.

Swiggie Tests

I put the swiggie into the dishwasher, it passed came out clean but the swiggie logo was washed off.. which is to be expected :)

It also says swiggies can be frozen.. and they can as you can see below I put the swiggie in the freezer all was fine and Daddy happily used the really cold swiggie while doing the gym as not only did it give him a cool drink it kept his wrist cool.

 For a families point of view I think swiggies are great, I would recommend them mostly for children, but here's a list of other uses.

Training, competing and warming up for all types of sports
Work, school, university, etc.
When in hospital, incapacitated, injured or disabled

I have only one off point about this product which is that my son, the small pain he is lost the lid on his swiggie a few times, I have suggested to Louise maybe an attachment that could be added to stop this problem.

Here is the SwiggieUK website
You can get them on Twitter: SwiggiesukEurop
You can get them on Facebook: SwiggiesUK

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