Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Journey and Adventure of Cybermumy11

As you all know I was sponsored by the lovely Tony Franks from Little Impressions for me to partake in the  Cybermummy conference and here is my experience!!

Me looking sexy (sweaty) on the coach on the way.. I soon after fell asleep woop!!

This taxi being from the coach station to the travel lodge.. wow taxis cost a lot cannot say I would want to walk or drive around London though.. MAYHEM
 Big Ben - I never realised how detailed it was
 The London eye
 The Bank of England


 Me and bump on our first tram ride.
 Chelle and Liz at Wagamamas.. as far as I remember what I ordered  was 'cha han' I ordered it because it has han in I know stupid reason but it worked it was absolutely delish!
 Cheers - 2 alcoholic and an elderberry (thanks bump)
 I LOVE this photo.

I wish I could show you the sexy desert we had from Haagen dazs but I can tell you I was a very happy pregnant.

Thank you girls, especially Liz I felt like a princess :D

These photos = Girlie London Night SUCCESS
 This is our Taxi
 Us 3 in the taxi (poor man lol!)
 I LOVE this photo too!! I actually got this photo printed for all 3 of us by HP at Cybermummy, I think it's a great Keepsake.

Just so you all know I already know that my cybermummy photos slacked, I was very flustered and overwhelmed by it.. but it was an AMAZING experience!! And I feel like I have learnt a lot an gained experience and knowledge to move forward.

 Me an the Butlins Dinosaur- my son is sooooo impressed by this photo, he has been bragging since I got home that his mummy has met a dinosaur
Sarah Brown - Keynote speaker

A teeny bit more to come tomorrow!!

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  1. It looks like you had a lovely time! I don't have a great deal of photos from CyberMummy either. I was just so overwhelmed at everything there was to see, do and listen to. You gave me your card just as you were leaving the after party (I was the Scottish girl who probably seemed a bit tipsy).


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