Thursday, 7 July 2011

Review of First Choice Baby scan Bundle 7a

1st choice baby scan specialise in providing lifelike and breathtaking images of your baby, as it gets ready to greet the world. They pride themselves in being a one customer company. Devote all our efforts to promoting a holistic bonding experience between each baby and the parents. Members of your immediate family are equally welcome to witness the moment as our highly trained sonographers capture that first image of your new baby.
I was asked to Review First choice baby scans Bundle 7A which can be done from 26 weeks up until 30 weeks. This is a 4D scan including DVD,CD and Images as well as a growth and presentation and a gift.

Find out how mine went on and see baby 2 in action and find out which of his surrounding area he has grown a slight obsession with..

Okay so after 2 hours of driving we arrived.. I had brought along me(obviously), my partner, my mum, and my friend Sarah who was also driver. (Thank you!!)

After speaking to the friendly Receptionist Chalice who explained that The Sonographer Gill had someone in at the moment and to take a seat feeling free to read the available literature provided, I grabbed myself a cup of water from the water dispenser which was also available to clients and then proceeded to listen to my mum shout out names to us from The Name Book she was reading, some of which were hilarious!!

Then it was my turn, I suspecting before we went in baby 2 was not up for behaving nicely as he was normally so active... I think the drive had tired him out, although we did find out his has a slight obsession with a part of his surrounding area!! 

And here is my Little man!!
Sleepy boy Rubbing his eyes!
Here's him with an eye open!!
A nice face shot!!

The Cloud stuff next to his face on the left is the PLACENTA yes my boy is a placenta lover, he was hiding from us with it.. giving it cuddles and giving it kisses!! He is definately going to be one for a comfort blanket I think :) OOOWW.. and he also gave us the 2 fingers!! Cheeky monkey!!

 This is the cd/dvd I received with the bundle and also my growth and presentation chart
My Opinon
Chalice and Gill were very friendly and polite, the waiting area is welcoming and the toilet facility is of a nice size for a Pregnant lady lol!! Gill the Sonographer especially was very patient with my placenta loving baby even letting me stop to get a cold drink to see if he would  have a wiggle and move away from his beloved placenta for a few minutes to get a nice clear shot unfortunately he seems very much attached to it (harhar!!).

I have 2 little comments: 1. Is that I think the photos in the keyring should be larger 2. I was phoned the day before to ask if I knew the sex of my baby so they could prepare for my gift, I said I did so I was expecting something more bluey and less neutral coloured.. that's me being picky! 

All in all I was very happy with my experience with First choice baby scan the staff we very polite and glad I travelled up to review their company.

 I have 2 brill Videos to add to this review.. And when my laptop stops playing games and I figure out how to edit efficiently they shall go up.. The suspense ey!?

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  1. Hi Hannah
    Glad you enjoyed your experience, you were a please to scan (even though your little man was "naughty")
    If any ladies out there would like a 4D scan our prices start from £60.
    The company is Care Quality Commision registered and ALL the Sonographers continue to work within the NHS (so you get the peace of mind that baby is developing fine as well as pretty pictures)

    Hannah, I hope the rest of your pregnancy & birth go smoothly.....I will be following you

    Gill Martin
    Lead Sonographer
    First Choice Baby Scan


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