Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Review of Pink Lining Mums on the Run bag

Received from Pink Lining

As if I didn't get excited about receiving this lush package!!!!!

Mums on the Run bag
Sometimes less is more when you're rushing out and about.Now there's no need to pack and take a whole bag when youre nipping round the corner for coffee with friends Pink Linings Mum on the Run pouch contains a matching foldaway changing mat and will either slip underneath the buggy, or can be clipped onto the buggy handlebar. I received the Bottom of The Garden Laminate design which has a striking green trim to the changing mat and red detailing to the wet bag.
Read more to see my Opinion :) <3

Whilst looking slim and compact, it is large enough to take a couple of nappies, wipes and nappy sacks for quick changes when out, as you can see from photo down further I also had my mamascarf in :)

Marcus the baby doll on the changing bag, this photo made it soo real I will be changing bums again in a few months!!

The external zip pocket is the perfect size for a mobile, keys and money.

Just pack and run, Mum!

Pink lining London was established in 2001 by husband and wife team; Charlotte and Rufus Pearl. Pink Lining is the international family lifestyle label, famous for its signature “Yummy Mummy” changing bag that aims to put the smile and design into practicality by making the usually mundane paraphernalia of parenting covetable.

There is no ostentatious on the outside but the distinctively designed fabrics immediately identify the brand. In fact the brand's label is the signature shocking pink interior lining.

My Opinion
This is a great little bag for when you are just popping out somewhere or to keep in your car 'just in case,' the garden design is a very cute, unisex design and I find with having a boy most things are normally blue so the fact the product has the shocking pink lining is a nice treat for mummy, I also like that the changing mat is included :)  The bag and changer Wipes- clean with a damp cloth and some mild detergent, however this will not eliminate all stains that may occur. Please note these bags are not machine washable and doing so may de-structure your bag, This is priced at £25 and comes in a variety of colours too.. I think this would be in the 'mummy treat' category because of this but if you narrowed it down to the times you would use it I could probably guarantee it would be a bargain.  

I would recommend this product to other/mums expectant mums and also people who are after a pretty present for a new parent or parent to be :) I am very happy to have had the opportunity to work with Pink Lining and to show you this lovely Mum on the run bag. 

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