Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review Of Tuckadoo - The Children's Duvet Cover with a difference

Received from Tuckadoo
The Tuckadoo Duvet Set..-The Children's Duvet cover with a difference....
Handmade with love, Tuckadoos have an extra flap of fabric which you tuck under the mattress... keeping the duvet on the bed where it belongs, and ensuring a better night's sleep for your little pudding (and you).
Tuckadoos will not fall to the floor, and will stay within reach so your little monkey can stay sound asleep.
Make your child's night a warm, sleepy one, with one less reason to wake in the dark.Tested on our their own children, this really does help children sleep through the night! There are a choice of some lovely personalised designs..

I was given the choice of which design I would Like and because K's side of the room is space I chose space, Gill gave me a choice of many artworks to choose from but I said I would leave that up to her... it's always nice to have a surprise! K has a standard size single duvet :)

Read on to see how the Tuckadoo is made and my opinion of it :)

Cutting the Fabric
Gill Sewing the Tuckadoo Set

 The package we received :)

The Tuckadoo all ready for little man to snuggle in.

Little man in his bed thumbs up!! :)

My Opinion
When receiving my package from Tuckadoo it was so lovely packaged, and I really do believe these pieces are made with love, my son was very excited when putting his new bedding on especially with it linking in to his theme of space, the extra flap on the tuckadoo allowed me to tuck it underneath his mattress enabling to keep it on for longer, althouugh obviously this cannot be guaranteed everynight due to the fact that my son is an absolute wrigglebum while asleep lol :) Although we didn't get a little bit of extra sleep in the morning (boo hoo) what we did get was a more restful sleep as K remained tucked up nicely.

I haven't washed our Tuckadoo yet, I have to say I am slightly apprehensive about it mainly because I chose to have artwork and I have baby brain lol, I just need to remember to put it on a cool wash, inside out. This is my only flaw to it as I need to remember to do so lol, other than this I am so so happy with it, it is beautifully made and stitched, the artwork has been placed in the correct places you can tell that with each one a little bit of thought has gone into it, and for me personally I think that makes it even more special.

I would recommend Tuckadoo, the lady that made K's single duvet set was so lovely she kept in touch and she also took the before pictures that I have used in this review, I hope you appreciate the effort she puts into her work as much as I do and take a look at her other products.. I have been eyeing up her Boo! minkys for baby 2 <3

Tuckadoo Website
Tuckadoo on Facebook

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