Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Baby Show Manchester Saturday 3rd September

 So A New Addition went to The Babyshow on Saturday the 3rd September here is me and bump pictured below:
If you want to see how we got on then click read more :)
Below: Me and Amy with the Tatty ted bear Arwhh!!! how cute is he  <3

 Above: Me with theForever friends Naturals Bear in this photo he was whispering to come home with me for K and Baby 2 but they wouldn't let him!!
Me and Jane from Forever friends Naturals

Above: Goodies from The Prima Baby bag
Above: Products given to A New Addition from Mam Baby :)
Above: The Little book I brought for baby 2 from Marks and Spencers which enabled me to get that very cute free cardi.... very impressed by that :)
Above: I was given a small test oil to use from Clinica UK
so will let you all know how that goes in a later post (5 weeks left eeek!!)
Above : Dettol wipes (I lurvee these use them all the time!!)
This was given to me from Eon... it's so cute it's a little night light that changes colour.

 Soo I got engaged (I will doo a post on how romantic it was!!) Well while at the baby show  from 3D Life Casting. HOW AMAZING IS IT! and what a lovely keepsake of our special moment!

The Verdict
I felt the show was tiny compared to The birmingham NEC show, Although I really enjoyed looking at the baby stuff and having a girlie day with Amy, it was fun having an adventure on the train (we had to get 4!) and watching baby 2 having a really good wriggle.
The Food was ABSOLUTE extortion to the point of we shared a drink! I loved that I got to meet a few of the companys I had worked with or will be working with including Cheeky Rascals.

Would I recommend the show - yes as a mummys day out but I would say take a pack lunch :)

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