Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What I wish I had known about breastfeeding

What I wish I had known.... About Breastfeeding.
Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt.
Picture is not of me.

When your milk comes in it isn't pleasant, Rock like milk filled boobs being 'slightly' painful is an understatement.

The first few weeks are a nightmare, but be persistent and it will come. Both you and the baby are on a journey. Remember they have never breastfed before they need to learn too.

When your breast is on a 'Letdown' it hurts!

During the first few days, there will be colostrum in the breast, which is very little in amount, but enough for your baby. This was one of the reasons I failed myself the first time. I wasn't confident enough my body had enough for him.

Your body produces milk based on how much your baby needs - the more your baby needs, the more they feed, producing more milk.

They say breastfed babies don't need winding - but sometimes they do!

I wish I had known to reach out more for support and to believe in my abilities more.

Having your partners support means a lot, especially when out breastfeeding publicly.

If people to tell you to feed in the toilets or that they are offended there IS a polite way to tell them to eff off ;)
Is there anything you wish you had known?

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  1. It made me sweat like nothing else ever has. i absolutely stand for the first 6weeks!!

    1. But Im still doing it 16months on!!!

  2. Niki Ward13/6/12 11:50

    Nipple shields are a godsend when your nipples are cracked and bleeding. Perseverance is definitely the key though. I did and we're still going strong at almost 8 months and 3 teeth!


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