Sunday, 29 July 2012

Lindam launches safety day!

This is an event that landed in my inbox, and one I felt I needed to share. As a mummy this is an event I will be partaking in. With J being nearly 10months old and at the little explorer stage, where he wants to touch, eat and climb on everything. I have uploaded the full press release as I think it explains it well :)

Lindam launches Safety Day
campaigning for fewer accidents in the home
“The Difference A Minute Can Make.”
Lindam, the UK’s number one home safety brand* today launches Safety Day to highlight to parents the number of accidents children are still happening in the home. Today, more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else# and, shockingly, more children die annually because of accidents rather than illnesses, such as meningitis#. Lindam is committed to reducing childhood accidents in the home and is launching the first national Safety Day on September 6th 2012. This year’s theme is ‘The Difference A Minute Can Make’ and looks at how time pressured parents could be risking their child’s health.

Startlingly, a million children attend casualty departments every year due to accidents in the home# and the majority of these are easily preventable by taking steps to ensure the home is the safest environment for a child. 
Many accidents can be prevented in just one minute, by moving dangerous objects out of a child’s reach and Lindam feel that it’s these small but very important tips that can make a huge difference in the UK home accident rate. To reinforce this important message with parents, Lindam will be conducting key activities amongst their 64,000 fans on their Facebook page, enabling parents to share their stories and tips to help to reduce childhood accidents in the home.

On September 6th 2012 Lindam will aim to raise the awareness of childhood home safety through a series of key information releases, a national survey of 3000 parents, key case studies and competitions.

Lindam understands the importance a parent places on finding a brand that they can trust and rely on which is why each individual item in the range is rigorously tested to meet strict standards of safety. All Lindam items are designed for parents by parents with ease of use and practicality at the forefront of the design. For more details log on to or ‘like’ the Facebook page: Lindam UK.

Will you be there? I will be! I am hoping to support Lindam how I can with this day as every little helps. Especially when children are involved. I hope this helps you too

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