Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Want to see what was in my Palmers goody bag?

I love the smell of Cocoa butter so when I was offered a goodie bag of lovely Palmers products at Cybher I was more than happy to accept :) Here's a look what was in the Goodie bag.

★ gentle exfoliating facial scrub
★daily calming facial lotion
★tummy butter
★massage lotion
★massage cream
★gradual tanning moisurizer
★cocoa butter

Bit of a Fabulous Goody bag eh! So what do I think of the products. The facial products are amazeballs, they are now my new morning routine with micro fine cocoa beans makes my face feel refreshed in the morning and the calming lotion allows a good base for my make up. The tummy butter was one of my fave products for removing the stretching itch when I was pregnant, but I now enjoy using it as a thick massage balm! Well more I enjoy my partner using it on my back hehe! The massage cream and lotion I like to use on my eldest boy. He enjoys the smell and I know that he has nice moisturised skin, especially with how the weather is lately making his skin all dry. The cocoa butter I LOVE using after I have got out of the bath or shower it just gives me an extra 'me time' feeling that is hard to achieve when you are a mummy of 2. As for the Natural bronze I haven't actually used this yet but when I do I shall let you all know how it goes! As you all know I am very pale :)

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