Tuesday, 10 July 2012

You know when people should just STFU!

During a discussion the other day with a few other bloggers, we got into the really irritating and sometimes quite hurtful things that other people feel the need to say, but quite frankly should mind their own business and keep it schtum. This topic stemmed from when Emily from A Mummy Too was in a superstore and was approached by a woman also in the Que with her who had been nosing in her trolley and continued to give her some unwanted opinion/advice that she 'should cook up vegetable and noodles, mash and freeze them. It's cheaper and after all'  then asked her if she didn't know that there is no nutrition for her baby in processed food? (She had baby food jars in her trolley for an event she is attending. So here are a few scenarios in which people should STFU.

Let's start with my own.When Firstborn was having a tantrum when I was pregnant I over heard a woman tell her children that's how to be a bad mummy really!? Wow do only bad mums children have tantrums then? Silly moose. People should not ask anyone if their children have the same dad, especially if you have just met. It's plain rude! When a woman is breastfeeding her baby she isn't interested in where the nearest toilet is situated or whether you were offended by it, take your views else where and jog on. If a mum looks tired/unwell/like absolute dog poo you can probably guarantee she feels it too so she doesn't also need to be told by you. Oh! and by the way you don't look too great yourself.  *sticks up middle finger.
Kylie Hodges: Just try having a premature baby. Joseph was 4lb 6oz when he finally got home and some of the comments I got were just amazing "oh will he be handicapped?" "oh I am surprised he didn't die" both of these I got on several occasions. People are just insane.
Helen Wills: Woman in Sainsbury's once told me to take the rain cover off my sleeping baby because she was going to suffocate and die!

Merry Raymond:  a) old woman screamed and covered her face after insisting on seeing my slung do hidden babies face. She was 10 days old and her cleft hadn't been fixed yet so her lip was in two pieces B) an old woman stopped me and rearranged my pram blankets and explained to my child 'silly mummy doesn't know how to look after you' c) been thrown out of a bookshop for being an unmarried mother D) been harassed by a smug mother for bottle feeding a cleft lip and palate baby (with ebm) e) been asked if I know 'what I did wrong?' for both cleft baby and dead baby. f) asked if I want to ruin my children's lives by home educating and had I thought about the fact they'll never get a job.

Emma Bradley: oh I got asked this week how I broke both of Erin's legs - stupid stupid man! He also said 'she is in alot of trouble' I was fuming! Then I get the 'you don't look disabled' shouted at me when I parked in disabled spot (blue badge in window). I just smiled and said good job as I wouldn't be able to carry her about then would I - at least that person had the grace to look embarrassed when he saw Erin!
Our friend David who only has side vision so has to sit very close to the TV to be able to see it has a lot of people tell him he should move away as he will 'go blind' or get square eyes' like jeez people he is sitting abnormally close to the TV you should realise there is an issue and not just rub salt in his wounds.

Shocking eh! So has anyone said anything to you lately where you wish they would of just STFU and not said it? Share it. Let's get the message out ;)

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