Friday, 19 October 2012

Have a back up..


Having spoken to Aviva I wanted to tell you what recently happened to me…
I haven’t told you this before but I recently spent a long while scraping my laptop,  my numerous USB memory sticks and hundreds of emails attempting to try a find a document that was really important to me. It was a breastfeeding diary I had been working on from day 1 of our breastfeeding journey and I was really upset to have lost it.

By lost it I mean I had it safely filed away in my laptop in which some completely cruel person broke in and took it, I was absolutely heartbroken but didn’t even think about this document until I recently started having a discussion with my mum about when I was writing it who said she had never read it. (I am sure she has) That was when the search began, I began to email people who I knew I may have sent it to, one of them being a PR who I was planning to work on my diary with J as she was going to include some facts and information for one of her clients. She emailed me back with only a small part of it 2 weeks to be exactL boo!! So I crossed my fingers and hope she would find some more and she did all the way up until 3 months old!! Yay So I now have my breastfeeding story/diary and have added our valuable weeks/months in as we have now got to a year! Yay for us!

Do you have insurance so that if something like this happens you could at least put a claim in? Have you ever had anything stolen, or broken something that has just made you sick. It’s funny how you sometimes you do not realise how the little things mean so much to you.  Did you lose something and then find it like I did?

"This post was made possible by Aviva"

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