Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We said No Thank You....

Bounty have been speaking to lots of parents recently about Telesales and how bloody annoying they are! So I thought I would join in and tell you my experience and opinion on it!!

I must have a very nice number – the kind of phone number that no matter the time or actual importance of what I am doing I shall get a lovely cold call for something I would never be interested in. I mean what is wrong with these people? The most positively irritating things I find about these calls are these ones ‘Congratulations! You have been chosen!’ along with 10,000 other people because really we want to give you pennies and take your pounds.
I mean don’t get me wrong I know that is how business works but is there really any need for such intrusive phone calls, these phone calls are always with someone really cold hearted to for example ‘I am really sorry, I am not very interested at the moment and we are just getting our son’s into bed’ ‘Oh!, but this really is a very good offer BUT we may even be able to better it’ ermmm F OFF!

We live in a very long road and because of this people think it is there given right if they are selling, promoting or preaching something that they must knock our door because it is THAT inviting. This is the funny thing, I have even made myself a sign for my door that states we are happy with our religion, chosen charity, gas and electric supplier, that we are capable of doing our own research and looking in shops for things that we need and basically NO Salespersons, Religious bodies or canvassers and THEY STILL KNOCK! Can you absolute believe it? I even had one children’s charity tell me that if I didn’t sign up a baby would die! How terrifying is that, it sickens me what they could be saying to people.
I honestly do not think these types of invasive requests and persuasive attempts would make me even want to listen to you seriously let alone want to give you my money, I know that some of these things are for amazing causes and before I would of completely gave them my time, but the really mean people have just ruined it for me so I now do my own little things when I can.
I understand these people need their jobs but it just makes me so sad, how many babies do you think they have woken up un-intentionally to tell their parent about some really lame thing they do not want to hear?  How do you feel about these unwanted visitors and calls? I would love to hear your point of view?

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