Monday, 5 November 2012

WB Annoucement

As you know Baby J has been participating in lessons at Water Babies Coventry and it as because of one of these lessons that we have a very exciting announcement to make regarding this.

He Swam - ON HIS OWN.

In our WB lessons last week our teacher Charlie explained how we were about to partake in one of her favourite activities she does during her lessons. I listened to how she told us we were about to watch our small babies swim. I immediately panicked? But he is so small! How can he be able to swim and then looked at the other children in our group some of whom were a lot younger than J. We were told to form an orderly que (I do kid with this) but we did have a line of eagerly awaiting mummies. We were using goggles.. ahh which reminds me *not to self - buy some goggles. I borrowed some from our teacher Charlie as although receiving the email about needing them I went very unprepared which for people that know me personally is something to be expected as I tend to get down everyone elses to-do lists and forget my own *sighs. Anyhoo back to my story I popped the goggles on and prepared myself for holding my breath under water *breathes in, under I go and holding onto the wall. Charlie took Baby J round in a circle and off I went under the water to watch. She let go of him and just like that J swam! He swam to me! It was amazing absolutely amazing and I hope we now do it every week as I cannot wait to see it again!

Well done baby boy!.

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