Sunday, 11 November 2012

Thursday's Adventures

After me telling you all how excited I was for to attend our next Water Babies swimming lesson due to it being awesome and the fact we are now using goggles allowing me to see little man get his little swimming groove on.. we missed it :'( *boohoo sobs*

BUT of course us not attending and it not being due to illness meant I had to be doing something awesome right? Right!

So off I packed my bag, dropped K off at school and attended his parents evening(morning) meet his teacher, stay and play thingy me jobby. Which coming off topic K is doing extremely well. Although oddly his teacher told me I was to stop learning him the times table and to only do adding and subtracting? Surely they would encourage us doing home activities too but oh well. The mother in law and brother in law arrive and I prepare myself for my trip. New top, new black jeans and my uber awesome amazing new shoes and I give my baby J a huge kiss.

LANDAN here I come!!

Getting off at the station I await my long and agonising expectancy of a mummy too of whom I had forgot was in fact not arriving at my station and then got in a taxi to the event we were meant to be attending. I quickly grabbed my things together and asked where the nearest taxi rank was and then on the way there flagged one down *winner* I arrived to the venue before emily as her taxi man had been telling porkies about how far the place was!!. So while waiting I had my eye lashes 'beautified' Emily arrived and was shown arrived while I was getting made over and then we had a walk around of the new items they had on show. I really want to show you photos and I really want to tell you about them but for the moment I haven't received my information, I had left my memory card for my camera at home and my phone was dying! *slapsselfonwrist! So expect to see another post on what I saw and what I fell in love with :D

Then it was time to watch Emily in action she was heading a session at the CIPR and I attended as her sidekick (well actually I just sat in awe scribbling notes) She was amazing we then went for an amazing chinese nom nom! Where I casually checked when the next train arrived to take me home it was literally a now or never situation. Luckily amummytoo is a London girl so we quickly grabbed a cab and I was there on time.... only for the train to be delayed by 30 minutes the joys.

To summarise we missed waterbabies because I was attending   and Emily Leary being amazing with her Social Media skills.

So now... What's next!!??

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