Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bad Day??

Today my friend came to pick me and my son up to take us to the McDonalds play area..

Instead of getting into her car like a good boy when she turned up he proceeded to have a tantrum and she ended up going without us.

Trying to make light of the situation I rang her and asked if she would bring us a McDonalds back to which she did :)

He sat and ate his Lunch like a good boy and when she left as I feel abit groggy still I decided to set the TV up in my bedroom and put a dvd on :)

So as I type we are cuddling watching the Lizzie Mcquire movie.

Being a mum is hard sometimes, but making the best of a bad day could make it turn into a really Lovely one!

Update on our day!!

we continued to watched films we went through, Jungle book, Winnie the pooh the movie and Finding Nemo.. I have to say after the stressful event we had a pretty blissful day :)

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