Friday, 15 April 2011

Date with Mummy

After yesterdays fiasco (The non existant mc Donalds outing) you would think I would of wanted to stay in my house and not attempt trying to go out for at least a week.. wrong! :D I always worry when taking him out on my own as for the inevitable tantrums and miss behaviour and all the old ladys looking at tutting, but today he was remarkably well behaved.

Today me and my son went out on a lunch date,... twas Yummy Yummy we had kisses across the table, we sat and played with his mini finger scooter while we were waiting for our food, had lots of mummy I really love yous. And by the time they brought our sauces and knife and fork his was ravenous.. I say him I mean we lol as I am a 15week pregnant food monster after all.

When our food got to us he was still behaving!! He sat and ate his food like a good boy and even had some of mine (cheeky monkey!)

 I have to say I was a very impressed and proud mummy so I decided I would take advantage and instead of going home I took a detour and walked to my mums :) I have to say so far we have had a nice outing!

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous18/4/11 02:51

    And then he came to Nanna's and was a wee beastie LOL Think by then he had walked a good way and was tired. xx


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