Wednesday, 13 April 2011

First Impression of Modern Cloth Nappy from Bums up

First Impressions

A modern cloth Nappy from Bums up

My First Impression was Ohmygosh... How do I use this... so I emailed the lady from bums up who told me:

Basically its like stuffing a pillow - push the micro fibre liner inside the pocket opening and make sure its flat and covering the inside area, then you fasten the poppers from bottom to top (depending on babies size) there are 2 stud options, and on either side you just fit around babies waist - i would suggest to keep them even so if you fasten 3 in - do so on both sides, they are made to fit babies from birth, however depending on babies size, may be a bit big for prem or small babies.

 This is the Microfibre insert which you fit into the pocket below:

Then you press the press studs to make the size of the nappy you wish to Have.

The press studs in the lower part of the nappy are to sort the length of the Nappy and the press studs on the top are to adjust width of the Nappy.

I now feel alot more confident about using Reusable nappies when baby 2 is here and will keep you updated :)


  1. Having used Terry nappies when Hannah was little as a preference from the disposable nappies available, I loved terry nappies. This is a really modern alternative and a lot better for the environment as there is so little to dispose of. They are also so pretty they could be worn as a pair of pants ynder a dress instead of frillies. Love them

  2. I have used washable nappies on 3 of my 4 children and I wouldn't use disposables through choice, give them a whirl when baby arrives - you may be surprised and I am always happy to give advice on them if panic sets in xx

  3. Have you noticed a massive saving lousie? and have your babies not got nappy rash so much?? Xx


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