Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Okay soo.... Abit about me

I am very excited right, I believe everything happens for a reason and I am hoping the Lady I stumbled across on a small enquiry today will end up to be someone very influential in my Life.

I feel today like I would like to blog a bit about how my life has changed. I won’t ramble to much aha.

From Finding out I was pregnant at school my main objective has always been to succeed in life for my baby, from being a truant I then regained my work in school and came out with all my GCSES they may not be A*s but I am very proud of what I had achieved.

After leaving school I tried to enrol myself on a college course and was told because I was pregnant there was a small percentage that I would even bother to return to education so they wouldn't enrol me. Well, More fool them as I enrolled on a part time computer course (I used to penguin walk there with my bump) ECDL. And once my son was born a week later I returned.

So when I had passed that I went back to college, looking at the course I had done if I did business (they put me straight onto level 3) it would mean they would cut the hours because I had already passed the ECDL meaning I could spend more time with my baby. How perfect!! So that's what I did

Things have changed ALOT since I have had my son, and although I had many put downs about how it would be as a mother and within my Life I feel that he is my reason for life, and so far he has made me who I am.

I am hoping in the future I will give my children the best possible life that I can and I will work my damned hardest to do what I can to make myself successful in life for me and them.
Pregnant at 16
Here is me pregnant with my firstborn. There has definitely been a major change in my attitude :) xx

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