Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Postmans been!!

In the Post Today I have Received:

From Swiggies UK: A Drinking bottle that straps to your wrist, We are going Park today so going to take these and try them out :D

From Dream genii: A Pregnancy Support and Feeding Pillow, I haven't opened it up yet as I have a feeling when I do I will want to sit and watch tv, Instead of do my housework :)

 As well as having my blog in my free time I like to try my luck at entering competitions, In which a couple of weeks ago I won a goody bag. Today I received my goody bag from Tango on facebook, I have to say my son was Very Impressed, and he looked like such a cutie running around saying I am a monster lol :D


  1. LizW aka @thebabyshow

    We like the look of the Dream Genii but are not so sure about the other two!! You'll have to let us know what the Dream Genii is like by posting a comment on The Baby Show's blog - with a post all about the best or worst pregnancy buys :)

  2. hehe had my first sleep with it last night :) have to say very impressed at how easily comfy I got woke up not so comfy as I am a fidget in my sleep apparently lol.


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