Wednesday, 6 April 2011

LOVING the sun :)

Quick post before I pop back out for more fun and planting with my son xx

So we didn't get to the Park but we did enjoy a Lovely Picnic in our own back garden J
My son loved it :) and as you can see from the mouthful so was his daddy. It was so simple, pop, ham sandwiches, cake bar and crisps. Oooow and chocolate yoghurt for me and strawberry yoghurt for firstborn, Tallman didn't want one. The plan was to go to the Park but Firstborn said he felt a bit tired and didn't want to go, so I popped to the shops and thought I would bring the park to us!!
After finishing all his food I asked Firstborn what he thought to our garden picnic and he said 'he was really excited and he really loves us' as I asked I took a quick snapshot, what a cutie!

Right now I am off now to plant our sunflower seeds which I saved from the 1 sunflower that I grew last summer, Firstborn is such a great little helper, he loves planting seeds and watering them and watching them grow. And I love the fact that we get to sit in our garden with big, beautiful, happy looking flowers that me and my son have grown and a little help from his daddy :). xx


  1. Sounds like a lovely way to spend the afternoon! x

  2. It really was lovely, I think its the simple things that mean the most, the fact we all got to spend time with eachother :)x

  3. A perfect day - blog is looking good Hannah xx

  4. Thank you am getting there lol :D xx


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