Thursday, 7 April 2011

New baby decisions..

So I am due in October but need to start making decisions now (obviously.) Baby will be in our room when first born, but I would like to sort out and decorate the 'childrens' room so Firstborn gets used to it and doesn't feel left out.
I love saying the chilldrens room it makes me so excited!!

Firstborn has told me that he is happy to share one side of his room aslong as his side can be space!! I think a reasonable offer from a 3 year old lol so I am hunting for space theme at the moment as I have already chosen the wallpaper for the babies side it's peach with lambs N'awwhh <3

babys, sheep, wallpaper

Firstborn already has had a new bed one of the Cabin ones with the storage :) he thinks it's fun as he climbs up to bed and I think it's great as we have more storage in there. And I have also brought him 2 space cushions, I have trailed many wallpaper shops with no luck and I am also struggling with space bedding!

so mummy on a mission the space quest continues.....


  1. that wallpaper is so cute. Hope you're going to post pics when it's finished :)

  2. Thank you of course I will.. but I won't put it up until I have done my sons side. Which means I need to find space paper lol! Xx

  3. Next used to do a space range - check them out x

  4. I have contacted next on twitter as I think it may be discontinued.. If so will check ebay :D xx

  5. well done hch your doing well keep up the good work!! <3


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