Friday, 8 April 2011

Review of The Dodo Book of the Big Bump

I received this product from: Dodopad
a new addition, Dodopad
9½" x 8" (240 x 200mm), laminated ring binder with 100 pages, 12 pockets/dividers, pregnancy diary and a strong elastic bandeau to hold everything neatly inside.

I really Love mine!! I write everything and more in it daily, from baby names that I have been thinking about, how I am going to treat myself to in pregnancy... to my thoughts on how to decorate the childrens room. There are is a pregnancy planner, so I have wrote appointments I need to go to and then how they went. I really don't think I would be without mine now :) It is also something I can pull out when my baby is teenage to show them how icky they made me feel and how I couldn't eat my favourite things hehe (not even hot chocolate!!) I think I am also going to use mine as a sort of scrap book for ideas too, by sticking in pictures of things I am interested in or want.

Whilst doing this review there was a question of something I was unsure of so I contacted the company on twitter Lord_dodo, I was contacted by a really lovely lady called Rebecca who even rang me to make sure she understood my query!! I am very Impressed by the service and the answer to my question was: Yes you can buy spare paper for the bump book, and no you cannot buy spare seperators but seriously I don't think you would need an extra one everything has pretty much been accounted for. It was just a question so I could tell you guys :)

The Bump book is seperated into categorys, I think everything is covered I cannot think about one that would be needed, could you?
Hospital Stuff
Names & Naming
Big Essentials
Nursery Needs
Birth Plan
Ante-Natal Classes
Complementary Therapies
Birth Announcements
Articles & Tips
Product Info
<------ There is even a Miscellaneous!!

These are pockets in the Seperators Which is perfectly sized for your Folded Pregnancy notes, amongst lots of other things!!
On the seperators there are Illustrated humourous quotes, I have to say my favourite is on childcare 'People who say they sleep like a baby usually don't have one. Leo J Burke

There are 2 Types of paper in this book, one I have already mentioned which is the Pregnancy Planner paper the other is squared paper with a cute dodo picture in the corner, I will be using the squared paper to help scrap book my ideas aswell as any lists and anything else I have in my head at the time lol, In the Planner paper I insert my feelings and emotions and also all the dates/appointments I need to remember.

My Only Con with this product is that there wasn't a holder for my pen.

I would and have recommend this to my pregnant friends, it is a fantastic organiser and keepsake for the future, and if you aren't pregnant but looking for a present for a pregnant friend.. I would highly recommend
The Book of the Big Bump

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I didn't get paid for this review but I got the keep the product in question.

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