Sunday, 29 May 2011

I did it.....

After all of the shall I.. shall I not.. I DID IT!!!

And this is our gorgeous little


Yes we are having another little man, my son and partner are absolutely over the moon, I was shell shocked as I really believed I was had a pink bump but I am over the moon with him he is gorgeous.. and looks just like my son.. (I know that is odd because this is only a 20 week scan but I really believe he does)

Other Pregnancy news

The sickness and nausea has eased if not finished now, Thank god I have been sent sickness bands and I think that they have helped.

On my 20 week scan at the hospital they said mini man was not allowing them to see all of the chambers in his heart.. I am trying not to worry I am just wondering have any of you had anything like this?

My son felt mini man move in my belly let's just say he was more freaked out than he was impressed lol.

The transaction from 'My sons room' into the boys room has began.. I will update later with before and after photos, now all we need is the nursery furniture.

I hope you are all well I am really busy, wish I had about 8 arms, but that's the joys of being a mummy ey, you tidy a room, then while your onto the next the first one gets trashed lol. I would love to hear your comments on your pregnancy's or your life at the moment being a mummy :)


  1. Liking the banner! I also had a scan with Tala when they had to keep going for ages to get to see all of the heart - Never had that type of scan available with the other 3, shows how technology is constantly changing...

  2. Twinklenicci: Team blue woop!!..

    Bloggomy: I am worried though I go back on Tuesday so I really hope that he's okay. I didn't have a scan that involves with Kylan either I think it is good that they now do all the checks. :) Xx

  3. That scan is incredible. So clear. I've spent the best part of the last hour reading all your blogs - it's brilliant. Just to let you know that you can see how your baby is progressing week by week on our Pregnancy Calendar. It would be lovely to see pics of your new baby when he's born too. Perhaps you can start one of our Baby Blogs or just post a pic on our Facebook Page?
    Take Care
    Kathryn xx


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