Friday, 13 May 2011

Review of Pop goes Froggio Game

Received from Mummys News

Pop goes Froggio is the fast-matching, frog-catching game

The Aim of the game:  flip over the lily pad cards to find Elefun and his gang, make a match to the character your spinner landed on. Then launch Froggio into the air and catch him if you can. Collect the most froggy friends to win. 

This is what you get in the box.

Butterfly spinner unit with plastic tube, Foam Froggio, lily pad launcher and 12 character lily pads

How to play

So first things first you connect the plastic tube to the lily pad launcher, place the game in the centre of the floor characters face down, it says you can have them facing up for younger players but we decided to have them face down.. it was near bedtime and having our son running around lifting them up to find the character made him more tired! lol

First things first spin the spinner 

When it stops that is the character you need to look for

Found it!

Now you step on the lily leaf launcher to set froggio free!!

Off he goes in the air...

Didn't catch him, but off he goes to pick him up!!

Woohoo! Got him! 

Little man wins A lily pad

An alternative!

Because when playing mummy and daddy were trying to catch the Froggio so we made an alternative to the game, mummy throws Froggio to little man.

And little man catches, he seemed pretty happy with that :)

My Thoughts on the game 

This game is aged from 3+ I agree with this as the alternatives to the game mean that little people can play too my son enjoyed the fact that when you stand on the launcher the frog jumps in the air he was really impressed with that!

As a family it was fun playing the game and we all joined in when it was time to look for the matching characters :) I think our son was happy that he had mummy and daddy time doing something fun and he went to be a happy contented little man, I would definately recommend for families with younger children.

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