Monday, 30 May 2011

Review of Scents of St Neots Handmade Soy Candles

Receieved from Scents of St Neots

Handmade scented candles made using Eco Friendly Soy Wax and pure cotton wicks

I was sent 3 different scented candles to test, to the left Baby Powder Fragrance, Middle Strawberry passion and on the right Clean cotton type fragrance

Baby Powder Fragrance

Reminiscent of Johnson's Baby powder scent, when I seen this in the packaging I though :/ What ever but it really does smell like baby powder!!

Strawberry Passion
A rich ripened strawberry fragrance with bottom notes of cotton candy and French vanilla.You will love it! so they say but really it is nice, a very summery happy smell.

Clean Cotton Type Fragrance
 An intoxicatingly fresh scent; well balanced with just the right combination of citrus, powder, and woods. Clean cotton type fragrance begins with top notes of Kaffir lime and lemon zests; followed by middle notes of baby powder, African violet, and jasmine; sitting on base notes of woods and white musk I would have to say I think this one was lovely.. it's such a fresh smelling smell.

The Benefits of Soy Candles

  1. Soy candles are clean burning
  2. Soy wax is long burning
  3. Soy wax candles are the most cost effective
  4. Soy Candles are Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, and Water Soluble
  5. Soy Holds and Throws Scent and Color Better than Paraffin
  6. Made From a Renewable Resource that Helps Farmers
Not all at the same time though.. I did one by one so I could see if they made the room smell any different.

My Opinion
These candles smell LUSH when they are near you and not burning when burning you can still get the smell/ish once you had blew it our the hot wax scents the room lovely. Having a look on their site they have lots of different fragrances to choose from and they all seem tempting.. It's nice to have a nice mummy treat.. get the nice scented candles out when in the bath so if you need a little treat get yourself some nice smelling tea lights mummys :)

You can find out how to use your soy candles correctly by clicking Here

You can buy Scents of Neots soy candles by clicking Here

 Scents of St Neots Website
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