Monday, 6 June 2011

Review of Le Toy Van Budkins - Construction worker and Princess

Received From

Budkins are Collectable, Fun, Bendy wooden Characters.

And these are the two we received:

Construction Worker
Princess Francess
From Le Toy Van Budkins

I made my son a shoe box house for him to play with them and he loves it.. and here it is

The Budkin Household.

Here we have the construction worker tucked up in bed lovingly with his Le Toy Van Handmade blanket, K named his Henry.

And here we have his gorgeous wife Princess Francessa 'chilling' downstairs, K renamed her Princess Channy <---- I thought this was so sweet as he has named her after my best friends daughter.. (my  god daughter)

And here is K Playing with his toys :) 

My Opinion

I think these are fab little wooden toys, My son is 3 so they have been bashed around quite a bit while he has been playing with them, making up his own little adventures, he has such a fantastic imagination it's great to watch him play!.

Because he is a heavy handed little boy as expected some of the paint has come away but other than that they are all intact! For a little toy and so was my little boy who happily plays with them.. I have to say though I am very Impressed with the little house I made them too lol. You can lots of these little figures but my review is based on the two Le Toy Van sent me :)

Here is their website Le Toy Van
Here is their Facebook
Here is Their Twitter


  1. Anonymous7/6/11 00:56

    Hi, many thanks for your great review. It's good to see the toys being enjoyed by your son and the shoe box house is a cool idea, the Le Toy Van blankets are a nice touch too.

    Kind regards,

    Matthew at Le Toy Van

  2. Thank you :) Glad you liked it <3 xx


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