Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Preparation for Master K's Annabel Karmel Party

Annabels Website

As I was sent a Annabel Karmel book to review, I decided I would go about it in a really FUN way, I am going to throw K an Annabel Karmel party and invite a few of his little friends and allow them to taste some of the new recipes that I am going to attempt.

This is the preparation for his Little party which I am hoping to plan for this week/next week sometime ;) Please read more and see how we get on with our preparations.......

Fresh fruit and Veg Posters for Decoration :D

Our set up to get ready to get MESSY making decoration and Invites!!

Me and Little man getting stuck in to sticking, glueing, glittering, drawing FUN-NESS


My Little designer making his posters to decorate when his friends come round!

The Finished Articles eeekkk so proud!!

Our Beautiful Invites for K's little friends to invite them come to his Annabel Karmel party!!

Here's our invites along with our AK poster, K wanted one with his name on and then K's own
designs, of course I think they are FANTASTIC but I am very biased :)

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  1. What a great,fun idea,let me know how it goes as I have won a copy of this book.


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