Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Review from Mummys News - Bumpband

Received from Mummys News

Award Winning Bumpband® Maternity Band is a maternity wear must-have for every pregnant woman whatever your style, age or size."

A Bumpband maternity band can be worn from the very early stages of pregnancy right up until the end and during post-pregnancy. The bumpband belly band provides excellent pregnancy support for expectant mothers... read on to see what I though of it...

Here is my ugly looking opened jeans, because my favourite jeans do not fit any more booo!!!

Here is me from the side with the Bump band on

Here is me from the front with my bump band on, covering my open jeans woop!

Just to proove they are still open!!

Here is with my top down, see you can't even tell.. The bump band is my pregnant little secret shhh!! ;)

My Opinion

For a pregnant woman this is a fantastic idea, it will save a lot of money on having to buy maternity clothes, although if you are like me I have put on a lot of weight on my legs too (thanks baby!!) so I have ended up buying bigger sizes anyway.. okay I am lieing I mainly live in leggings lol.. which is actually great as because my bump band is black and most of my leggings are black it helps with them too.

I would recommed the Bump band to any pregnant mummy, I have recommended to my friends and I am happy with mine :) It means you don't have to do the hair bobble trick that all pregnant ladies know so well about, If you  or your friend is pregnant it's something I would definately add to your long pregnancy/baby list.

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