Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Review of Baby Teething Necklace - Amber Necklace

Review of Baby Teething Necklace Amber Necklace

As Baby 2 isn't due until October I have used my life sized doll Marcus to show the Amber teething necklace Read on to see my opinion and some more photos..

My Opinon 
I have done some research on google about these necklaces and it seems that most mothers tend to think that these work wonders, as long as the amber has been warmed by body heat.

I am not sure whether I like how close the necklace is around the babys neck, hence why I have showed the photo of using the necklace as an anklet which the company also sell and tucking into a sock or bootie.

These necklaces are strung on a quality thread. Each amber bead is separated by a knot, therefore preventing the beads from scattering everywhere in case of the necklace being torn.Amber Teething Necklaces are supplied with a plastic clasp, which unlike the metal one, does not cause an allergic reaction. 

Amber teething necklaces are one of the rarest remedies from teething pain, this natural product is an alternative to the medicine/drugs/mixtures that the babies these days consume in order to ease the teething pain.

Amber teething necklaces are not created for chewing!
They work in a completely different way. As a fossilised tree resin, amber has a lot of elements that have positive effect on the whole human body. The amber creates an electromagnetic field, which is believed to balance the nervous system and discharge stress. To enjoy all these benefits, simple contact of amber with the skin is enough.

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