Friday, 1 July 2011

Review of Little Jet Setters Grab and Go pack

Receive from Little Jet Setter

Little Jet Setter Grab and Go pack
The ultimate Grab&Go Pack for travelling with young children. The Pack Includes Reusable Sticker Sets, Magnet Play Scenes, Crayons and Doodle Area, Cuddly Toy, Disposable Bibs and Change Matts, All Natural Travel Baby Wipes, Hand Sanitiser Gel and a Travel Toy Clip to keep everything off the ground 
when travelling.

See how I get on by reading more..

This is what you get in the set although we received the owl in our pack not the giraffe :)

The Benefits
  • Unique travel pack of activities
  • Fun travel characters
  • Useful mix of toiletries, amenities, toys and activities
  • Airline ready - all contents under 50mL!
  • No PVC - good for kids, good for the environment
  • Portable and packable.

My Opinion

I think this pack is fabulous although will be more useful to me when Baby 2 arrives in October, My son is 3 and I found everything but the Toy clip, Disposable change mats and Disposable bibs useful (although from the picture below maybe I should of used them!) I will be putting them to full use when baby is here though :)

Quick! Quick get the Travel wipes we have an ice-cream face!!

I would recommend this product to mummys with smaller children or who will be like me with a small child and a baby :) I would definately say it is everything you need if you just need to grab and go.. obviously apart from the obvious nappy and change of clothes :D 

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