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Review of Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums CD

  Received from Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums

Tunes 4 toddler tantrums CD
‘Tunes for Toddler Tantrums’ is a CD of music specially composed to help parents and carers avoid tantrum situations - songs about doing your teeth, brushing your hair, eating your food, getting into your buggy and many more! 

see how we got on..

To see how you can use each song to the fullest with your child please have a look at The Songs Page

The Songs

Deep Sea Tea Party - This song helps persuade your toddler to eat his meals. In the middle section of the song a scary shark comes along to steal his food. Let your hand be the shark and try to pull the plate away, you may find that it is snatched back!

The Tooth brushing Lionask your child to pretend to be a scary lion, growling and showing her sharp teeth. Pretend to be a bit scared of brushing and ask her to give a big load ‘ROAR’!

Nappy Time! -  Ask your child to pretend to be a wriggly beetle on his back with his legs up in the air. Try it with him to make him laugh. Sing the song whilst changing his nappy. In the middle section stop for a moment and have a good tickle (WE DIDN'T USE THIS ONE AS K IS 3)

Shoes Blues - This is a race! Encourage your child to go as fast as she can, starting with one shoe, then the other and lastly the coat. (You can of course change these to hat, scarf, gloves, suntan cream or any other combination.) When you get to the ‘Who won the race?” section she will hopefully be jumping up and down saying “Me! Me! Me!”

Brush Brush Brush! Ask your child to choose which animal he would like to pretend to be; the lion, the horse or the donkey. He can of course come up with his own ideas too and make the noises! Letting him brush his own hair or yours may help.

Space buggy - This is the first of two songs to help persuade your child to get into her buggy. Go slowly for the verses and then zoom along into outer space for the chorus

Let’s Tidy -  Can they tidy everything up before you count to 10??

Boogie Woogie Buggy Train -  A second ‘get in to your buggy’ song. Giving a child choice always helps, so ask your toddler which buggy song he would like today. Whizz along making the journey as exciting as you can. Encourage him to join in on the ‘Boogie Woogie Buggy Train, Choo Choo!’ 

Bath Time - This is a fun game you can play in the bath. Take a duck or frog (or any other bath toy) and hide it under the water, bubbles are great for this. Let it pop up in the air and surprise your little one. Then make the toy jump around your toddler’s body washing his nose, toes

Goodnight Sleep Tight - A simple goodnight song. In the third verse have a gentle game of peek-a-boo.

My Opinion
I found this CD to be useful although not an exact alternative every time to his tantrums as imagined anyway, It is good fun and it does help encourage better behaviour.I would recommend this to a mother of a tantruming toddler but would give it a few weeks to give it a good go, don't always use the CD for when they are mis-having so that they associate it with fun and not being told off.

If you would like to give Tunes 4 Toddler Tantrums a try you can buy it here.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'm glad you had fun with it!
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