Friday, 5 August 2011

Review of - Purple Havainas Slim

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Havaianas - Slim - Purple
The Havaianas Slim flip flop is a summer must have. Havaianas Slim is subtle and more delicate feature a rubber sole and remain odour free. All Havaiana flip flops have the name branded on the outside strap.
These flip flops are 100% natural Rubber. have a rubber odour free sole and a slim strap.

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The side markings on the strap

I think they look prettier than standard flip flops right?

The view of the Havainas, giving you a treat as well with my sexy little toes out :)

My Opinion
I am not a big of sandals or shoes with no backs especially ones with no wedge or heel so when Cloggs offered me these Havainas to review I accepted on the sceptical knowledge that I may not like them because of them having no attachment to my foot.  
The Havainas are surprisingly comfortable I have been wearing them for a while now and they haven't seemed to get that ugly foot print that cheaper flip flops. Being nearly 31 weeks pregnant comfy shoes is a must and although I don't wear these flip flops out much they are fabulous to have in the house and when going places I keep them in my car so that I always have something comfortable that will keep my feet cool... which is essential as I am finding it so hard in this heat at the moment!!! They haven't rubbed by feet or between my toes and I love their vibrant purple colour which oddly seems to go with many style of outfit (Including Pyjamas!)

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