Sunday, 7 August 2011

Review of Johnsons Wipe out Waste Wipes

Received from Johnsons Baby

Johnson's New initiative 'Wipe out waste' Pack
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Your empty wipes are full of potential! That is because Johnsons Baby have a launched a new initiative with their partner Terracycle called 'Wipe out waste'. Its aim is to reduce waste and it's impact on the environment whilst raising money for charity at the same time.

This is because for every pack you send in a charity of your choice will be credited with 2p. To send them in you have to register online at Terracycle which is free and then print off the prepaid label and send your empty packs to terracycle who will then  upcycle the collected packs transforming then into a new product.

Imagine how many wipe you use in a year...alot right? Yet it takes just 6 empty packs to upcycle into a baby bib. Johnson's are hoping that with everyone getting involved in there wipe out waste initiative their new upcycled products will be available by 2012.

My Opinion
I think this is a great idea to stop the amount of waste that goes into the landfills, I am loving that companies are now taking it into account and becoming more eco friendly. I cannot comment of the feel of the products that have been upcycled but if I do I will update. Johnson's baby have been trusted by mums for over 100 years and I definitely think they are here to stay. I would like to think that people would get involved in this initiative the more people the better for the environment, the only issue with this is if you run out of ink lol :)

I would recommend you all look into this initiative and more into upcycled products and recycling.. every little helps and what we do now I would like to think will make the world a nicer place for the little bums we currently wipe :)

Wipe out waste Website
TerraCycle Website
Johnsons baby on Facebook

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