Saturday, 13 August 2011


Today has been a fantastic day, we had our Annabel Karmel Party and K had 3 of his little friends around one of them being my goddaughter J We made cheese cake and cooked Yummy burgers, the kids enjoyed it and were tired so smiles all round I cannot believe that I am 32 weeks pregnant tomorrow it’s going soo fast I am and now starting to get the pack your hospital bag emails ermmm okay PANIC… eeek 8 weeks and I will be a mummy of 2!!

This week has been a rollercoaster, Baby is still making me massively sick which on Tuesday lead me to having a hypoglycaemic attack due to my blood sugar being really low and fantastically my partner was out so after being on and off the phone to my mum and shoving a boost down my throat and forcing myself to drink glucose water for over an hour I regained my normal self and the numbness in my right arm and mouth subsided. Luckily I had midwife the next day who immediately got me to see a doctor after her and I am now prescribed with Gaviscon which is allowing me to keep things down more, as well as being given some pain killers for my sciatica Hoorahh!! My daily bath has now turned into a must have due to back pain and I have now accepted the fact I now cannot see my girlie parts due to Rather large sprog belly and 3 nipple (belly button) that seems to be substantially growing!

Feeling My baby boy moving is the most amazing feeling in the world and also painful lol, my little mite has now decided he will constantly jab at mummys ribs and dance on her bladder I love at night lying on the sofa and just watching my belly doing the wave or random bumps of excitement. And I can feel how much I already love him, then I look at K and I feel such an over whelming sense of love for him, being a mummy really is the best feeling and job in the world. 

I love my gorgeous little boy and womb monkey so so much I am proud to be your mummy!

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