Saturday, 13 August 2011

Annabel Karmel Party and Review of complete baby and toddler meal planner

Received from Annabel Karmel
  • Nutritional advice on how to give your baby the best start in life
  • Detailed advice on when to introduce new tastes and textures.
  • Over 200 quick and easy mouth-watering recipes to suit babies, toddlers and the whole family.
  • Time-saving tips and reassuring menu charts to help you shop and plan ahead.
I decided I would hold K an Annabel Karmel party with his friends which would make a fun post as well as a review :) here is our Party Preparation Blog post. 

Read more to see how our actual party went on, what the children thought to the recipes and my opinion :)
 K 'The Masterchef' Caine

These are Annabels tasty beefburgers inside these there were red pepper, apple, worcester sauce, onion breadcrumbs and a few other yummy bits. I was abit sceptical when handing them to the children because of how many ingredients there were but they went down well!

These are the Mini Lemon Cheesecakes (So proud of these!!) I am shocked at how simple it is to make cheesecake and I shall definitely be making them again with my little helper although next time I think we'll try strawberry :)

  After All the excitement and food the kids were Knackered!!

And Tired, Full Happy Children equals Happy Pregnant mummy :D

My Opinion

We had a fab time at K's Annabel Karmel party :) The recipes are simple and easy to understand and went down a treat with the children as you can see! I think I would of liked to of seen more photos in the book. I am really pleased to have this in the house for when Baby 2 arrives. The book shows of what foods are suitable to feed children at each stage from first introduction and in what consistency also with giving fabulous recipes and ideas like lovely lentils. It also contains meal planners that are really useful for parents stuck on what to feed a baby and when or even that is looking into getting into a food regime. I have most definitely got the from scratch bug and being able to cook homemade food for my boys makes me happy!

Annabel Karmel Website
Annabel Karmel on Facebook
Annabel Karmel Blog

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