Thursday, 11 August 2011

It begins..

So today after last nights blog post I pulled my whale self out of bed this morning after saying I wasn't going and went SWIMMING!!

Of course I looked like Shamu but it was so lovely to watch how my son makes friends and while he played with Nanny, me and my partner went round the rapids and had a little bit of free time..... we even went into the Jacuzzi!!!! Although not for long as apparently preggos like myself aren't alowd in.

Another thing we did today was my mum and dad have had a sort out of my old things at theirs and they sent a load of old unopened McDonald's toys for K to open. Well I have to say I am ABSOLUTELY AMAZED in how they have changed! As he was opening them his eyes were lighting up they were sturdy and substantial toys not the health risk plastic poos we receive from McD these days!

Now I have treated myself to a new cd after getting my partner a ps3 and K 2 dvds so I shall now be gutting my house and preparing more for baby 2 :)

I am glad I am going to start making changes and I hope it continues as I am a strong believer that a Happy Mummy is a Happy Child. And a Happy Child means a fulfilled mummy... here's to a new me:)

(This photo was edited due to the fact he thought it was funny to keep doing a closed eyes yawn :) LOL)

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