Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review of Baba Sling

Received from Baba Sling
theBabaSling is a revolution in design, comfort and simplicity. The hammock style is perfectly shaped to support a newborns developing spine, while providing essential closeness and bonding for both parent and child. I was asked to pick out of the colours available and I received a Natural White one which I think is a colour baby carrier which will pretty much go with any outfit  :)

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The closeness of using a BabaSling simulates baby’s body and mind: 
Carrying our young so close provides them with the essential stimulation their body and mind need for optimum development. Babies left in prams or push-chairs are perhaps missing out on this vital stimulation and often scream and cry as their way of letting us know this is not where they want to be, although, sadly we have become culturally desensitised into believing such distress is normal behaviour. In contrast to this, theBabaSling helps the baby to relax and prevents the baby from crying.
It comes with a cover which is great for travelling or keeping in your car or in your pram for when you are using your pram.

The fantastic advantages of a BabaSling:
  • The closeness of using a BabaSling simulates baby’s body and mind
  • Helps aid breast feeding
  • Enables the mother to go for a long haul walk without using a pram
  • Helps aid sleeping
  • Koala Cuddle enables baby to be naturally cradled with vital spinal and head support
Even if you have never used a baby carrier you will probably have noticed one simple fact: 
Crying babies are almost always contented when they are picked up!

Great news for parents with fractious young ones:
Did you know that recent research trials have shown that carrying regularly each day in a carrier such as theBabasling reduced daytime crying by 43% and night by 51%. Could you ask for more?!

Baba Sling have a fabulous choice of Baby Sling

My Opinion
Having a 4 year old, I think having a baby sling will be a lot easier for outings especially with being able to keep up with my son. I am sure we have all seen someone doing the mad pram dash to catch there child while walking down the street. My worry with these is the falling over or baby falling out but once watching the videos providing on baba slings website I feel a lot more comfortable with the fact I am going to carry my baby too. The Carry bag allows the sling to be taken with you when not in use so that when you need it you have it to hand, it is small enough to fit under your pram or even in your changing bag.

I would recommend practising using before you use this sling for your baby, I will be having many ago with the positions with Marcus my review baby :) At a cost of £39.99 I find this a very reasonable price especially when you think of how much use you will get from it.
There are lots of ways to use the sling and baba sling have some very useful videos to make sure that you are wearing your baby correctly and safely and in the best way for your baby. If you would like to watch you can click here it also explains the different ways to which you can use your carrier.

Baba Sling Website
Baba Slings on Facebook

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