Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Review of Fabric Flavours Horrid Henry T-shirt

Received from Fabric Flavours
Uh oh! Horrid Henry’s in trouble judging by this 'Wanted' t-shirt! Made from top quality light blue cotton marl that’s prewashed for extra softness, it features the trademark yellow and blue stripes and the outlaw’s smug face printed bang slap in the centre. In an old Western style, "Wanted - reward offered, Horrid Henry" is printed on the front. On the back, Henry’s crimes have been listed which include: "making mischief" and "playing pranks". His typical answer "It’s not fair!" is written on the inside of the collar. The sleeves and neck are cut to reveal the dark blue rib. Distressed printing, reverse seaming and the unfinished hem create a bad boy look.

Read on to see more information and my opinion...

They also do baby clothes
This being my favourite isn't that just soooo cutee!!!!!

Here is K with the T-Shirt on:

The Opinion
My, My! Did I have a happy boy when I received this T-shirt, my little K is a very avid Horrid Henry and Ben 10 lover... he takes it to the extent of Henry's behaviour and Ben 10's alien fighting (he has an amazing imagination!!)

This certainly is a very good top for a horrid henry follower, or just in general for a fun top for a little boy :) I chose the 5-6 as my son is quite a big boy. 

The Detail in the top is fabulous in my eyes, even to where it says It's not fair inside the T-shirt!
My Plan was that we were going to take him to see Horrid Henry in it (the new film), but when I opened it and I seen how cute it was and how excited he was.. I told him he needed to try it on for the birthday bunny.. his birthday is in November and he seemed more excited that the birthday bunny was making sure it would fit aha I know I know mean mummy... but this brings me to my recommendation....

I would recommend Fabric Flavours as a fun and exciting present for children as well as a great clothing range for fun loving parents, and a novel way for children to admire their favourite character.

K' s opinion ''wow mummy that is super cool''

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