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Review of Find a Gift Undercover Bear fleece and Pillow

Received from Find me a Gift
Undercover Bears Fleece Blankets and Pillows - Orange

Agent Oscar is an Undercover Bear! In his head you will fine a soft coral fleece blanket and an Inflatable pillow! Ideal home gifts for children or adults, each Undercover Bear has its own special colour, personality and embroidered features! Agent Oscar is creative and happy all over, so spread a little cheer on someone's Birthday with this cute travel gift.

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Whether you are looking for car blankets for long journeys, something to keep you warm on cold trains or even for a camping trip, our fleece comforters are super snug and warm! The pillow is easy to inflate and pop inside the bear's head, which doubles up as a fleece pillow case. Imagine taking Agent Oscar to a music festival or Scout camp? Pop the soft fleece blanket around your shoulders or over your legs for a little extra warmth whilst sitting around the BBQ or listening to your favourite band!

About Undercover Bears Fleece Blankets and Pillows - Orange

  • This Undercover Bear has an orange coral fleece blanket and inflatable pillow inside!
  • This Undercover Bear is called Agent Oscar
  • The fleece comforter has a button up pocket that holds an inflatable pillow
  • The bear head pouch doubles up as a pillow case or handy storage bag!
  • Machine or hand wash, tumble dry on low
  • Do not iron
  • The Under Cover Bear pouches measure approx 29 cm x 24 cm x 14 cm
  • The orange comfort blankets measure approx 90 cm x 113 cm
  • Great gifts for ages 4 to 140!

Ideal for camping, home or travel, these snuggle blankets are handy, cosy and fun to use. Made of luxurious coral fleece, even adults will love using our Undercover Bears for a quick nap!

My Opinion
We received this at such a great time, my partner was on a work trial and the early shift which starting at 6 (badtimes) this meant we had to get our little man up early and in the car so that I could take him to work. Having this bear meant that not only did he have something to cuddle and to comfort him, it also kept him warm and comfy. 

It is very simple and effective you simply remove the folded inflatable pillow from the pocket of the blanket and blow it up and place in the teddys head. 

Then when all is well and you don't need it you can remove the air out of the pillow and put back into the pocket of the blanket, then fold the blanket and place it in the Teddy head and do the zip up. Perfect for travelling.

My little man was very pleased that he has beary when he go on journeys, also when he feels tired at home he will snuggle on the sofa with it as it is so soft, If you are looking for a 'gift' for someone and they enjoy travelling or snuggling.. then this orange bear is your man! He is also available in other colours.

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