Monday, 26 September 2011

Review of Nuna ZAAZ

Received from Nuna
Perfect Fit

Is it a designer chair, or one destined for daily juice-box battles? The Nuna ZAAZ™ masters both, beautifully.
Built from the ground up with clever and practical design, our innovative high chair grows with your baby for years of chic yet sturdy mealtimes. The ZAAZ is exceedingly safety tested, comfortable, customizes to any size and matches your pre-baby lifestyle.

Read on to see more and A New Addition's opinion on the Nuna ZAAZ

Smart design
Customize the ZAAZ to any size, height or amount of wiggles
A hidden lift behind the footrest adjusts height easily and lets baby join in at the table

  • Five-point harness keeps baby secure; switch to three-point as child grows 
    Unique air-foam cushion custom-fits each chair and pads both small and bigger bottoms 
    No-crevice design outwits crumbs and cleans up like a dream 
    Removable plastic components are dishwasher safe 
    Extraordinarily sleek leg base, chic colour options and smart look makes the ZAAZ feel like designer furniture
recommended use: when child can sit up unaided to 100 kg
product dimensions: 87/81 cm high x 45 cm wide x 58 cm deep
tray height: 74 – 67 cm
product weight: 10 kg

My Opinion
When opening the box I was very impressed that there were only a few big parts so not much work to put together, especially as I am 38weeks pregnant (I couldn't contain myself to not open the box any longer aha)

Obviously I will not be using this straight away and baby will not need it until he is around 6months old but I was overly privileged to be given the chance to work with Nuna and show you their  ZAAZ
And this was what I found... now that's not a mega scary, ohmygosh, how do I put this together? baby product which you sometimes get with bigger pieces is it? :) 

My opinion on the style was..eek what an absolute beaut! I love how the design is simple maybe even slightly futuristic, and I love the orange white and silver colour. I think it's a stylish piece. The five point harness means that baby will be strapped in effectively and safely and as your child gets older you can adjust it to the relevant design. All accessories are removable and easy to wipe clean which is certainly a lot better than a fabric chair.. I can quote this as with K ours was Fabric. The Nuna chair also has a removable tray, so your child can sit directly at the table with you, I think this is great as we love our family meals at the table.

I think the one flaw in this high chair is that you can't lie them back and with my first son I found this useful as I would lie him back when he was sleepy after eating.. although this could also be seen as a good thing as the chair is seen as to be eaten in and may help with the faffing with food which I very much doubt aha (I can only hope and cross my fingers)

This high-chair seems very sturdy and has anti slip feet which is ideal for us as we have a laminate flooring. 
The Nuna cleverly transforms from a highchair to a toddler chair for your growing child. And when your infant grows out of the toddler chair, it can be adapted to become a junior chair, suitable for up to 12 years old. I think this is a fabulous idea although how the seat would actually cope throughout these years I can't comment.
Daddy's Opinion: ''no stressing with mummy when putting together as it comes in a few big simple pieces with simple instructions ''

KEEP A WATCH OUT FOR MY VIDEO BLOG ABOUT THIS PRODUCT :) I SHALL UPDATE WITH A LINK... preferably with a baby eating in it.. (I may borrow one for this purpose or wait and use my baby2... exciting stuffs!!) <3 xx

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