Monday, 26 September 2011

Review of Sock Ons

Received from Sock Ons
Sock Ons are the brainchild of mum of five Kezi Levin, who invented the ingenious device to help mums like her solve annoying little problems.

Sock Ons are a clever garment that are worn over a baby’s socks, literally locking them in place. When your baby tries to pull off their socks, they get caught in the hole around the heel of the Sock Ons keeping them firmly in place. This ensures no more lost socks and no more cold toes.

Read on to find out A New Addition's Opinion on these :)

My Opinion
My First boy was absolutely awful for pulling his socks off although I think most mummy's know the feeling of ehhh where's the other one and then retaking the steps you have just took back up the road to see if you can find the offending misplaced shoe/sock. Obviously Sock ons are for socks not shoes but it means if your baby does managed to get their show off or if you don't put them on their little toes will be kept warm as they will struggle to get the naughty sock off once the sock on is placed on!

Resembling something like a ‘sock jacket’, Sock Ons slip on over the sock and ‘locks’ it into place. The design lies in the fact that if the sock is pulled from the toes, the sock gets locked into the hole around the heel, thus preventing it from slipping off.
I am very pleased that I have a pair of sock ons for baby 2, and even though I can't comment on there effectiveness myself yet I have spoken to people who rate them.. I would recommend these as a present infact sock ons can also be brought on congratulations cards!! what a cute Idea that is!! I am looking forward to seeing if my baby 2 manages to wangle a sock off I do hope not though as even though it's a simple idea the sock on seems fab!! :D

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