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Review of Tactic's Dotto and Faqir (Play and Say)

Received from Tactic

Read on to see what we thought...

In Faqir players try to make specific patterns with nails (the cones) that match with the pattern on a card they have drawn. The First player to achieve this wins. Each card is partially visible to the other players; use this to spike the fakirs of your opponents!
What the box says: Everybody knows about the faqirs lying on bed of nails, but the ones in this game are not so keen on sharp things - they prefer to squirm between the nails! Who is the first player to place the nails so that faqir dares to come out from his dressing room to perform?
Faqir is a great game for the whole family - all you need is some perceptive skills, light strategic thinking and a pinch of luck!
  • In the box you receive:
  • Bed of Nails board game
  • 28 Nails
  • 24 Faqir cards
  • 4 Faqir dressing rooms
  • Fabric pouch
  • Rules
We were completely divided on this game, we started with 4 players and in the end it was just me and my partner playing, I personally think it was because the other 2 didn't give themselves a chance to understand how to play, either that or me and my partner are so competitive that we wouldn't of gave up anyway lol. This meant we only had to play with 12 Faqir cards... I was obviously better and won hehe! Andrew most definitely wasn't impressed he is a sore loser!!

We really enjoyed playing this game, I think this game is going to be like marmite you either love or hate it, it is tricky to actually win and you have to hope that your opponent won't block you with their 'nail' but I would recommend this as a family game if you enjoy games. This is aged  from 7years I think beens as we had 2 adults that couldn't understand the concept that this may be a bit low but at the same time it is down to the individual and if you feel your child will understand then  that is fantastic, I presume if you can understand it, it will be easier for your child to get it! :) 

What the box says: Race against the timer and use the coloured dice to form the patterns on the cards, Try to complete the pattern and pass the turn before the random timer goes off. Who's got the fastest fingers and the coolest nerves - find out with Dotto and have cubeloads of fun.
In the Box you receive:

  • Game board
  • Timer
  • 10 colour dice
  • 55 pattern cards
  • 15 tokens
  • Pouch
  • Rules
Requires AAA batteries (NOT included)
Unfortunately the A New Addition household (Me and Andrew) didn't take to this game, which is a shame as we love games. We are going to give it another go in a few days but we found the time went off sometimes before we had even managed to find all the colours to make the 'correct' pattern. And some of the colours on the dice are confusing like the dark blue one.

We finished the game on a bad note as neither of us wanted to play any more :( Sorry Tactic! The instructions are simple to use and the concept of the game seems a good one we just didn't like it.

For more information on Tactic Games Tactic
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